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SF2 and Probotector on VC

800 points apiece.

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Those of you with keen eyes lurking behind your rose-tinted specs will already have noticed this week's new additions to the European Virtual Console: Street Fighter II and Super Probotector.

Better known to those outside Europe as Contra III, Super Probotector is one that my Mum never let me get, annoyingly. I was only about 12. I hear it was good though. Sniff. It costs 800 Wii points.

Street Fighter II did make it onto my shelves though, where it invited plenty of wailing with its rubbishly slow speed and lack of playable bosses. It's still one of the finest 2D beat-'em-ups ever made, if you ask me, but it would've been nicer to see the Turbo edition. Still, if 800 Wii points are burning a hole in your virtual pocket, you can pick that one up right now.

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