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PC Building Simulator sequel due later this year

Monitor this.

A sequel to PC Building Simulator is on the way later this year.

As its name suggests, PC Building Simulator 2 will allow you to... build a PC. Another one, anyway.

Or, as the official tweet states: "Dream it. Build it. Benchmark it."

Developed by Spiral House, it will be published by Epic exclusively for PC. Naturally, that means it's available to wishlist on the Epic Games Store.

"Grow your empire as you learn to repair, build and customize PCs at the next level. Experience deeper simulation, an upgraded career mode, and powerful new customisation features. Use realistic parts from 40+ hardware brands to bring your ultimate PC to life," reads the description on the store.

The original game sold well and was even released on PlayStation.

Ironically, the specs for running the sequel on PC are not yet available.

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PC Building Simulator

PC, Nintendo Switch

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