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Thanks to PC Building Simulator you can now build your dream PC on console

Cross-platform play?

After starting out as a tech demo, PC Building Simulator went on to sell over 750,000 copies on PC. Now, in a bold and somewhat ironic move, the game is making its way to consoles, allowing Xbox One, PS4 and Switch owners experience building their very own PCs too.

The game has a story mode (because of course it does) which has you taking over your uncle Tim's workshop after he "mysteriously skips town". Building, upgrading and repairing PCs with real licensed parts is the key to keeping the shop open.

Cover image for YouTube videoPC Building Simulator: Console Edition

PC Building Simulator features over 1000 real world parts from manufacturers like AMD, NVIDIA and ASUS, and has a Free Build mode where you can use all of these to create your perfect PC.

Console versions launch today - unsurprisingly, the game is already available for PC. The PlayStation version even has a discount to celebrate the release (which seems somewhat counter intuitive, but nice nonetheless).