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SEGA explains Alpha Protocol DRM

One-off activation, countless installs.

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The Uniloc DRM chosen to protect the PC version of Alpha Protocol does not require a constant internet connection and potentially allows for infinite game installations.

Those magic words tumbled out of a SEGA blog post dissecting the DRM following its reveal on Eurogamer in April.

Each installation of Alpha Protocol requires a one-off online activation, and up to five installations of Alpha Protocol can be active at one time. Should you need more, then one will need de-activating - a process that can be done as many times as you like. And activation and deactivation can be done from any internet-connected PC.

Note that once activation is out of the way, the game disc can be put away for safe keeping as it is not needed to run Alpha Protocol.

SEGA added that in around 18 to 24 months after release, Alpha Protocol on PC will be patched to work without "license management".

"We can't be specific about the exact date due to business factors, but rest assured that we will provide an unprotected patch, as we did for Football Manager 2009," the blog stated.

Head over to the SEGA blog for a full DRM Q&A.

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