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SEGA developing Puyo Puyo 7

So that's what Project Ringo is all about.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SEGA has announced that yet another instalment in puzzle series Puyo Puyo is on the way.

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine, as read by 1UP, reveals it is titled Puyo Puyo 7. Online options are promised along with a new mode, Transformation, where fighting off attacks fills up a meter that lets you do more powerful combos. The DS game is due to launch in Japan on 30th July, with PSP and Wii versions to follow in the winter.

Looks like that's what SEGA's Project Ringo teaser site is all about then. There's still not much to go on but the artwork style looks familiar, there's some gubbins about the number seven and an implication that more is being revealed this week.

So will the game make it over here? Perhaps not seeing as the last Puyo game released in Europe was Puyo Pop Fever, a whole five years ago. It was tip-top, though - read Tom's review for a trip down Memory Lane.

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