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SEGA confirms AM2 fighting games for PSN and XBLA

Fighting Vipers! Sonic the Fighters! Virtua Fighter 2!

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Quick duck! It's Fighting Vipers!

'90s fighting games Fighting Vipers, Sonic the Fighters and Virtua Fighter 2 will release on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, SEGA has announced.

Each release includes online multiplayer, and achievements and trophies. They are complete versions of the arcade originals, Sega said.

There's a somewhat convoluted release schedule for the games. On PlayStation Network they release on 5th December in Europe for £3.69 / €4.49 each, and in the US on 27th November for $4.99 each.

On Xbox Live they release everywhere on 28th November for 400 Microsoft Points each. There's no word on PC, unfortunately.

Sonic the Fighters launched in Japanese arcades in May 1996 using mechanics based on the Virtua Fighting series. It was later released on GameCube and PlayStation 2 as part of the Sonic Gems Collection. Fighting Vipers launched in Japanese arcades a year earlier, in 1995, and was later released on the Sega Saturn, also using mechanics taken from the Virtua Fighting series. And, topping the trio off, Virtua Fighter 2, which launched in Japanese arcades in 1994 and a year later on the Sega Saturn.

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