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Sega announces new 3DS music title

UPDATE: Localisation news "soon".

UPDATE: A US/Europe release is looking likely - when asked about localisation plans, a Sega spokesperson told Eurogamer, "We should have some news for you soon".

ORIGINAL STORY: Sega Japan has announced a new rhythm action IP for the 3DS titled Rhythm Phantom Thief R: Inheritance of the Emperor Napoleon.

As reported by Andriasang, it's a music/adventure hybrid with an anime feel that sees you assuming control of the titular crook as he attempts to loot Paris' galleries and museums with help from his dog Fondue.

The rhythm action component - which will be a combination of button presses and tilt controls - comes in as you try to sneak in and out of buildings. Sega has apparently teamed up with a number of well known artists for the game's music.

Professor Layton meets Rhythm Heaven? Sounds good to us.

No Japanese release date has yet been set, though the game is said to be around 50 per cent complete. We're chasing Sega for any word on localisation plans.

This isn't the only 3DS music title on the way from a major publisher. Square Enix announced Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm earlier this year.