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Screencheat is a splitscreen FPS where you're completely invisible

And must find each other by looking at your opponents' screens.

Screencheat has one of the most unique twists on the first-person shooter genre in ages. Players are invisible and can only find each other by peering over into their opponents' screens to gauge their whereabouts.

In the olden days, this sort of thing was considered cheating - hence the title - but in Screencheat it's a way of life.

As such, the game will feature two-to-four player splitscreen, even if it's played online (though there will be local options available as well, which sounds like the ideal way to play it).

The four-person Melbourne-based developer, Samurai Punk, is planning to include eight weapons, five maps, and six game modes such as Death Match, King of The Hill, One Shot, CTF, something called Murder Mystery and more.

Screencheat is slated for a Steam release with optional gamepad support. Here's an early trailer depicting Screencheat's prototype.

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