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Science victory - Civilization 6 is now on iPad!

You're free to Rome.

Civilization 6 was only released last year on desktop computers but has already - as of today - landed on iPad! Understandably you'll need a newish iPad in order to play - either an iPad Air 2, iPad 2017 or any iPad Pro.

The first 60 turns of the game will be free but then you'll be prompted an amount I cannot see on the Civ 6 App Store page to buy the game and continue. It's a 3.14GB download and it's the base Civ 6 game without any downloadable content.

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Meanwhile on desktop computers, Civ 6 is gearing up for its first big expansion, Rise and Fall, which arrives 8th February for £25. It adds a whole game's worth of new content to the mix, including loads of new leaders, civilisations, wonders, units, buildings and so on. A key new feature is Golden Ages and Dark Ages - states you can trigger if you're doing well or, conversely, badly.

Civilization 6 came out in October last year and was, predictably, lovely, harnessing the series strengths while successfully adding fancy new toys all of its own, we said in our Civ 6 review.

If you're taking the plunge on iPad - and given the boredom of Christmas with the in-laws, why not? - then we have Civ 6 guides galore to help you on your way to victory.

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