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SC: Conviction has USB card drive

Ubisoft spills Collector's Edition contents.

Ubisoft has whipped the wrappers off the Collector's Edition of Splinter Cell: Conviction, due February on PC and Xbox 360.

So far only the shops in America list the package, the best bit of which is a stylish credit card USB drive. Loaded on are a "Making Of" video, wallpaper, art, renders, screenshots, storyboards "and more...".

The Collector's Edition is packed in a classic steel case. Inside there's an art book, access to an exclusive in-game gun and costume, stickers, comic book and air breathed by real spies.

For all of this you pay 80 "bucks".

Splinter Cell: Conviction has had a rocky development history. Ubisoft once promised an autumn 2007 release, but soon threw the cover back over the title.

Two years later - at this summer's E3 - Sam Fisher reappeared, older and more brutal than ever before. Conviction now appears to have exactly that.

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