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Save £250 on this Razer Raptor gaming monitor at the Microsoft Store

Includes THX certification.

Razer are mostly known for their premium gaming laptops and accessories, such as mice, headsets and keyboards. However, they also have an excellent display known as the Raptor.

The Razer Raptor is a big, 27-inch display with many gaming-centred features, and it's currently available for £549 from the Microsoft Store. That's £250 off the usual retail price.

It has a stylish design, as its wide stand makes it feel like a giant CRT of yesteryear. The Raptor has a QHD resolution, perfect for pushing the latest games to stunning visual quality with the latest PC parts. However, it's also handy if you like to play on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series console, with many games offering performance and visual quality modes at this high resolution.

There's also a 165Hz refresh rate with a 1ms minimal response time. And with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and Nvidia G-Sync support, you're going to experience minimal tearing and smooth images. This makes it an ideal monitor for fans of esports and multiplayer titles such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, Doom Eternal and PUBG. There's also THX certification here, which promises high quality image reproduction and excellent colour accuracy.

There's an HDMI port at the back, DisplayPort and a USB-C port. So not only can you connect three devices at once, but with the USB-C port, you can use the USB hub built into the monitor. This will give you two extra USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports, so you can connect hard drives and SSDs for quick data transfers, or simpler peripherals like mice and keyboard receivers.

This is just one of many deals we've come across in recent days that retailers have placed under their Black Friday banners. Check out our early deals guide to see what else we've come across. There's also our Jelly Deals Twitter page where we're always posting items that have been discounted throughout the day.

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