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Save £200 on a Philips 55-inch 4K OLED Android TV at Box

A big screen with a high refresh rate for gaming.

It's the weekend, and lots of us will be looking forward to lounging back in our favourite chair or sofa to kick our feet up and play some games.

That experience is always better when you're playing on a big screen that can really show off the graphics of whatever game you're playing.

There are lots of really good 4K OLED TVs around now that support high refresh rates as well as G-Sync and V-Sync, so you can have your centrepiece TV for watching films and shows as well as be your main gaming screen.

The Philips 55OLED707 55-inch 4K UHD OLED Android TV fits this description, and right now there's a £200 discount on it at Box, so you can save a good chunk of money while upgrading your gaming space.

Philips 55OLED707 55-inch 4K UHD OLED Android TV- £1,049 at Box with code "BOX50"(was £1,299)

UPDATE: You can save a further £50 on this TV thanks to the code "BOX50", which when used at checkout will save you £50 on your order of £1000 or more.

The Philips 55OLED707 has a 55-inch screen that is 4K 3840x2160 resolution with HDR 10+, so anything you have on it will look great, and it will sound great too thanks to the in-built Dolby Atmos sound.

What makes this TV a great option for gamers is the 120Hz refresh rate, so if you're playing a competitive shooter like Call of Duty you'll be able to make the most of the 120fps feature in the current-gen console which will give you an advantage over those who are still playing at 60fps.

If you want to connect a gaming PC to the TV as well, then you'll still be able to experience Nvidia G-Sync or AMD Freesync Premium to make the most of whatever graphics card you're running over the HDMI 2.1 connection. The TV also supports the following framerates: 1920x1080@60Hz, 4K@120Hz, 4K@60Hz, 2K@120Hz and 1366 x 768@60Hz

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