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Sam & Max's VR adventure This Time It's Virtual shows off new gameplay footage

Ahead of release next year.

It's an unexpectedly eventful week for us Sam & Max fans; not only is Telltale Games' Sam & Max Save the World confirmed to be getting an unexpected - but wholly welcome - remaster, there's new footage of the wise-cracking anthropomorphic crime-fighting duo's previously announced VR adventure This Time It's Virtual.

Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual will mark the Freelance Police's first brand-new video game outing since Telltale's third season of Sam & Max adventures, The Devil's Playhouse, in 2010.

"After decades of rescuing bigfoots, playing games of high-stakes poker against B-List celebrities, and preserving reality from cosmic nogoodniks," explains developer HappyGiant of its new VR adventure, "the world-renowned dog and rabbity thing are on a recruitment drive to fatten up the ranks of the Freelance Police...and they've come to you for help!".

Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual! Pre-release gameplay footage.Watch on YouTube

The ensuing action primarily appears to take the form of appropriately outlandish VR-enabled mini-games as players take of tour of Sam & Max's decidedly weird world. Certainly, the newly released Oculus Quest gameplay footage doesn't suggest a ground-breaking experience, but most players will likely be in it for the Sam & Max-iness of it all - and This Time It's Virtual looks to capture the style and tone of Steve Purcell's original comic book series admirably.

Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual is scheduled to launch for virtual reality headsets next year.