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Sam & Max return this year

Season two starting in autumn.

The second season of the episodic Sam & Max adventure game series will kick off in the autumn, Telltale Games said this week.

It will still pop up first on the GameTap distribution service, but this time you'll be able to buy it from Telltale's website the very next day, rather than having to wait out the two-week exclusivity period.

"We're keeping the general structure and gameplay, and focusing on telling farther-reaching, crazier stories," says Telltale's design director Dave Grossman.

"You'll see some changes to the world, too; improvements that were born out of player feedback and our own desire to make the most fun games anyone has ever played."

Apparently more about characters and environments will be revealed during the San Diego Comic-Con this week, during a panel called "Episodic Games and Comics - Made for Each Other".

And if you missed out on the first season, you can download it from Telltale's website or pick it up in boxed format from JoWooD this August.