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Sam & Max names, dates

Season two ends in April.

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Telltale Games has listed the names and release dates for the next three episodes in the second season of Sam & Max adventure games.

The next one, due out on 10th January, is called Moai Better Blues, and will be followed on 15th February by Night of the Raving Dead and on 14th March by Chariots of the Dogs. The final episode is due out on 11th April, but hasn't been named yet. Unless "TBA" is actually what they're going for.

It's worth remembering, of course, that each of those dates refers to the GameTap release date, with the general Telltale website release occurring a day later.

They are all preparing to follow in the footsteps of Season Two's first episode, Ice Station Santa, which we still haven't reviewed because we're a bit slack. Also, because Kristan does so enjoy his Sam & Max games and he's on holiday at the moment. Playing games, probably. He's a bit basic.

For more on the Sam & Max games, pop yourself off to the Telltale Games website, where you can grab any of the Season One efforts, including the free one called Abe Lincoln Must Die.

Or you could watch a trailer for Moai Better Blues over on Eurogamer TV.

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