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Rusty Lake's acclaimed co-op puzzler The Past Within out on Switch in July

And there's 40% off ahead of launch.

The Past Within, developer Rusty Lake's wonderfully sinister time-travelling co-op puzzler, is ready to make the jump to a new platform, and will be launching for Switch on 6th July.

The Past Within is the latest in a series that has so far spanned 15 loosely interconnected games under the Rusty Lake and Cube Escape banners, with another one - the recently announced Underground Blossom - expected to arrive on PC later this year.

Like its predecessors, The Past Within delivers a deliciously surreal mix of casual point-and-click puzzling and room escape action, albeit this time given a devious co-operative twist.

The Past Within comes to Switch in July.Watch on YouTube

In The Past Within, two players, each on their own device (be that Switch, PC, Mac, or mobile), work together across different timelines - one located in the past, the other in the future - to solve the mysteries surrounding recurring series character Albert Vanderboom.

That requires some serious communication and teamwork between participants as they attempt to discern how the environments in their respective timelines are connected, so that knowledge gained in one can be used to solve puzzles and progress in the other.

It's rewarding - if a little brain-frying - stuff and it impressed myself and Eurogamer's Victoria Kennedy enough to award it a Recommended out of five when we co-reviewed it last year.

And if that sounds intriguing, Switch players will be able to put their communication skills to the test when The Past Within comes to eShop on 6th July. It'll be available at a 40 percent discount prior to launch, making its two-copy requirement a little easier on the wallet.

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