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Rugby World Cup 2011 announced

HB Studios developing for PS3, Xbox 360.

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Rugby World Cup 2011 is on its way to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, publisher 505 Games has announced.

Due to launch on 26th August, the game is being developed by HB Studios – the same team responsible for the dormant EA Sports Rugby series last seen in 2007.

There'll be 20 participating teams to choose from, online play and local multiplayer for up to four players.

"Developing Rugby World Cup 2011 for Xbox 360 and PS3 has given us the opportunity to create the definitive representation of a sport we all have such a passion for," said HB boss Alastair Jarvis.

"The attention to detail in both the visual quality of the game and the representation of the gameplay is second to none. It captures the thrills and excitement of Rugby World Cup in a way we simply have not been able to achieve before.

"Online play, especially, adds an entirely new dimension to the game, boosting national pride as players challenge competitors from across the globe to their own international matches."

It's nice to see the sport back on our consoles – especially with HB at the helm. The Canadian developer did a fine job while working on EA's franchise.

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