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Rounding up the retro mini console deals

What next-gen?

Sony's official announcement of PlayStation 5 this week means we're all buzzing for next-gen's arrival next year. However, there's also still a healthy appetite for retro mini consoles, as demonstrated by the release of the excellent Mega Drive Mini this month.

It's far from the last of these either, as Konami is releasing the PC Engine CoreGrafx Mini in Europe next year (or Turbo Grafx-16 Mini and PC Engine Mini as it's known in the US and Japan respectively).

Right now, it's available to pre-order exclusively from Amazon UK for £99.99.

That certainly makes it one of the more expensive retro mini consoles out there, but hopefully it's justified by coming pre-installed with a total of 57 games, including classics like Splatterhouse, Bomberman '94, Ys Book 1 & 2, Ninja Gaiden and R-Type. More interestingly is that almost half of the games included are actually Japanese releases that were never localised. That said, these will remain unlocalised for the system, so unless you can read Japanese, good luck playing Hideo Kojima's Snatcher and understanding a word of it (mind, who's to say any of us will understand Death Stranding in English?)

In the meantime, collectors can also grab the following mini consoles for the best prices below.

You might notice the absence of Nintendo's classic mini consoles, which started this whole craze in the first place. But that's because stock for these remains low, and when they do appear they're at extortionate prices. The consolation for Switch owners is of course that NES and SNES games are already available to play on the system, provided you have a Switch Online membership.

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