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Rockstar's games on Steam

Ten percent discount this week.

Rockstar has added its not inconsiderable PC games catalogue to Valve's digital distribution service Steam, offering a ten percent discount on all its available products until 11th January to celebrate the launch.

The ten games available initially are Grand Theft Auto I, II, III, Vice City and San Andreas, Midnight Club II, Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, Manhunt and Wild Metal Country.

As well as individual purchases, Steam users can buy the entire Rockstar Collection for USD 62.95 (normal price USD 69.95), a Grand Theft Auto Collection for USD 39.10 (USD 43.45 after 11th January) or a Max Payne Bundle for USD 17.95 (USD 19.95 normally).

"We were immediately excited by the opportunity to offer our PC catalogue via Steam because it allows us to reach out to gamers around the world in exciting new ways," said Rowan Hajaj, Rockstar's head of finance and corporate development.

"We are continually looking for ways to give back to our fans and this collaboration will give people a chance to easily revisit some of our greatest titles."

Rockstar joins a list of publishers who sell games through Steam which already includes 2K, Activision, Eidos, id Software, SEGA, THQ, PopCap and Majesco. Valve says there are some 13 million Steam accounts around the world.