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Rock Band will be affordable

Harmonix dismisses price cries.

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Harmonix art director Ryan Lesser has said the developer is doing all it can to keep Rock Band affordable, is reporting.

Rock Band is being published by MTV Games (and distributed by EA) and will work with four instrument-based controllers: bass and lead guitars, a drum kit, and microphone. A price point is yet to be set, and questions have flown about whether we'll need the whole lot to get the most out of the game - and if so, whether people will be willing to buy them.

But speaking to Lesser said, "There's no way we're going to make a game that people are not going to be happy about buying. We scrutinise every little piece that goes into every peripheral to make sure that it's affordable and still really high quality.

"I think when it's just rumour and no one has anything tangible to hold on to, people can be afraid - but the fact is we're very conscious of it, and we're doing our best to make it awesome and affordable."

He also dismissed rumours that a Rock Band set would cost between USD 150 - 200, which emerged after a forum poster claimed to have taken part of a focus group for the game. The scamp.

"Seeing as one of my specific orders was. 'Don't let anyone know anything about pricing,' I can't imagine that was true," he said. "Because of a lot of reasons that I can't talk about, but we're far from releasing prices at this point. So I wouldn't take any of that stuff too seriously."

Look out for the full interview with Ryan Lesser on next week.

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