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Rock Band date not set yet

EA stamps on 2008 rumours.

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EA has poured cold water on rumours that Rock Band will slip to 2008 outside of the US.

"The Rock Band date still hasn't been set in either the US or UK," a spokesperson told us.

However, it contradicts an earlier comment issued to Gamespot saying, "We don't think [Rock Band] will be released in Q4."

The publisher was speaking in the aftermath of comments made by owner of RedOctane Charles Huang, who told Gamespot it was unlikely the game would launch this Christmas in PAL territories, and expects it to carry an AUD 275 price tag (GBP 114 / EUR 168).

RedOctane is both the publisher of the rival Guitar Hero series and maker of the nifty peripherals, which Activision recently shelled out USD 100 million to acquire.

However, Rock Band is aiming to take the phenomena one step further - allowing us to play lead guitar, bass, drums and sing to the various tracks on screen. Guitar Hero developer Harmonix will be creating it with musical push of MTV and financial backing of EA.

Head over to our Rock Band gamepage to see how it's all shaping up.

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