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Robert the Bruce, Highlander and golf courses: it's Scotland in Civilization 6

If at first you don't succeed try, try and try again.

Firaxis has announced Scotland as a new civ for Civilization 6 expansion Rise and Fall.

Scotland's leader is Robert the Bruce, who led the nation's war for independence with England in the late 13th century. His unique ability is Bannockburn (named after the Battle of Bannockburn). This lets Robert declare a War of Liberation after gaining the defensive tactics civic. You can also gain bonus production and additional movement during a War of Liberation.

The unique unit is the Highlander (no, not that one). These 16th century warriors replace the Ranger recon unit, and gain a combat strength bonus fighting on hill and forest terrain.

Scotland's unique structure is the golf course, which provides additional amenity, gold and culture if placed adjacent to a city center. The golf course also provides additional culture when located near an entertainment complex. In the late game, the golf course yields additional tourism and housing bonuses.

And finally, Scotland's unique civ ability is Scottish Enlightenment. This means happy cities get additional science and production, and generate a great scientist point per campus as well as a great engineer point per industrial zone.

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Firaxis says Scotland can be a powerful military faction, but it's also a science and production powerhouse, making it a versatile civ for any victory type. The developer uses the wonderful phrase "you can combat war weariness with golf courses", which sums it all up, really.

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