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After five years of early access, RimWorld finally has a release date

Watch this space.

It's hard to believe, but RimWorld has been in early access for over five years - so long, in fact, I'd forgotten it was technically still a work in progress.

But this won't be the case for much longer.

According to a blog post by developer Ludeon Studios, the space colony sim will soon be released in full. On October 17th, players will be able to download RimWorld 1.0, which brings bugfixes and a new "food restriction system" allowing players to "determine what [their] colonists and prisoners are allowed to eat". I guess that's one way to stop someone pinching all the donuts - if only that worked in the office.

If a character dies in RimWorld, do they get an orbituary?

The game had apparently been in the "final stretch" of development since November last year, and the full release marks the "close of this chapter of RimWorld". Founder Tynan Sylvester said there are no specific plans in place for RimWorld, but that he's considering "a variety of interesting directions to go with the game". For now, he's busy celebrating - so it sounds like it'll be a while before we hear about the game's future. I hope they plan-et out soon.