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Riddick team working on Bourne game

Multiplayer confirmed for Starbreeze thriller.

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Starbreeze has confirmed to Eurogamer that the Chronicles of Riddick team is creating the upcoming Bourne project for EA.

EA announced it had bagged the rights to Robert Ludlum's fiction a couple of months back, with Starbreeze hand-picked for development duties.

During a recent visit to the developer's offices in Uppsala, Sweden, various members of staff confirmed to us that the game would - unsurprisingly - be a more realistic action title than the studio's previous sci-fi projects.

We also learned that multiplayer will definitely feature - which, again, will "definitely not go" the way of the imminent Dark Athena - and all of the studio's mo-cap and vo-cap (the technique by which speech and performance are captured simultaneously) resources would be exploited.

"It is the same team that's going to create the Bourne game that did Riddick as well as The Darkness," lead designer Jerk Gustafsson told Eurogamer TV "We've already begun work. There are some personnel in a development cycle that are free a little bit earlier than others and those guys have been working on the Bourne project.

"So we're probably still going to continue creating games the way we do, blending various gameplay elements into a good storyline. I think that's what we do well."

Codenamed internally as "P9", there's no release date for Bourne as yet. But with Starbreeze at the helm, we're counting on an altogether more engaging experience that High Moon's forgettable effort.

Starbreeze is also working on a second project for EA, known as "Project Redlime", which is rumoured to be a remake of the Bullfrog classic, Syndicate.

The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena, which features a complete remake of the Xbox original and a new standalone adventure, releases in Europe for PS3, 360 and PC on April 24th. You can go behind the scenes at Starbreeze right now in the latest Episode of The Eurogamer TV Show.

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