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Rhythm platformer Runner3 finally launches on Switch and PC this May

News on other formats to follow.

Developer Choice Provisions has announced that its highly-anticipated rhythm platformer Runner3 is heading to Switch on May 22nd.

Runner3 is the far less fussily titled follow-up to 2013's excellent 'Bit.Trip Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien', and was first teased back in 2016. It was originally expected to launch last autumn, but was nudged into 2018 toward the end of the year.

When its new May launch date rolls around, Runner3 will get a physical and digital release in the US. Publisher Nicalis has yet to clarify if Europe will get a physical version too.

Runner3 follows a similar formula to its rhythm platform predecessors, and once again stars CommanderVideo, the immediately recognisable protagonist of Choice Provisions' long-running Bit.Trip series. As in previous Runner games, your forward momentum is automatic, leaving you to worry about timing your jumps, slides and kicks, to successfully navigate obstacles and reach the end of each level.

For CommanderVideo's third Runner outing, Choice Provisions has opted for a richer, more elaborate art-style, and a slightly shiftier camera designed to better show off the world. It also introduces vehicles, side quests, an item shop, new heroes, moves, and more.

Previous Runner games have been enormously enjoyable affairs, so there's every reason to be excited about Runner3's relatively imminent launch on Switch and PC on May 22nd. Information about additional platforms, says Choice Provisions, will follow.

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