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Rhythm 'n Notes revealed

Learn music on DS.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Agetec's new DS game will attempt to give us all a basic grounding in musical composition.

Rhythm 'n Notes will tackle all areas from chord make-up to musical timing in a fun and intuitive way. Tap the touch pad with the stylus to replicate rhythmical patterns and understand time signatures, for instance, or match audio with the notes on a keyboard on the screen.

It will also feature a practice mode where you can familiarise yourself with various bits and pieces that didn't sink in first time around.

"Educational games that are truly fun are hard to come by. Rhythm 'n Notes gets it right with addictive, enriching play," said Mark Johnson, producer at Agetec.

Rhythm 'n Notes is due for release this autumn.

Head over to our Rhythm 'n Notes gallery for a look at the latest screenshots.

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