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Returnal reinstating pre-rollback fixes in new patch tomorrow

And save corruption bug should be no more.

Developer Housemarque is releasing a new patch for PlayStation 5-exclusive roguelite Returnal tomorrow, 8th May, which will, among other things, reinstate all pre-rollback fixes that briefly went live earlier this week.

On Wednesday, Housemarque was forced to pull Returnal's 1.3.3 patch after players began reporting it was corrupting save games. The developer later released version 1.3.4, which rolled back to Returnal's most recent stable build - a move that enabled some affected players to resume their progress, while other, less fortunate souls saw their saves effectively deleted.

As a result of the rollback, a number of welcome fixes introduced in update 1.3.3 were also whisked out of players hands, which is where tomorrow's 1.3.6 patch comes in. As well as jettisoning the save corruption bug that resulted in clenched fists and wet cheeks earlier this week, the update, which goes live at 11am GMT, brings the following improvements:

Let's Play Returnal - Returnal First Hour Gameplay PS5.Watch on YouTube
  • Multiple stability fixes addressing rare crashes
  • Fixed issue with pre-order suits occasionally blocking items and doors
  • Fixed incorrect healing behaviour
  • Fixed issues with custom controller mappings
  • Numerous minor fixes
  • Fixed issue with corrupted save game

Housemarque once again suggests players in the middle of an active run turn off auto-update on PS5, unless they want to wave goodbye to their hard-earned progress - an issue experienced by Eurogamer's Chris Tapsell and recounted in his otherwise Recommended Returnal review.

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