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Respawn says it will make Apex Legends' Mozambique shotgun "usable"


Inbetween news of Season 2 and all-new Legend Wattson, Apex Legends developer Respawn perhaps made the most important Apex-flavoured news of all: the Mozambique shotgun is getting a buff.

Infamous for being almost entirely useless to such an extent Legends now have a new in-game animation in which they throw it away in disgust when picking up something (re: anything) better, the Mozambique is one of Apex Legends' most ineffective weapons.

Things might be changing now, however, as - talking at EA Play - executive producer Drew McCoy said the upcoming change "makes [the Mozambique] usable". Sadly McCoy did not expand on this, nor detail what kind of changes are incoming, but let's face it: the change cannot come soon enough.

Emma went hands-on with new Legend Wattson, an electrical engineer who can build defences and offers "a more stanced, RTS kind of playstyle", stating "Wattson seems like a true team player and should shake up the meta, and I'm intrigued by the alternative approach she provides. Pathfinder, I'm sorry, but I may have to put you on the shelf for a while".

At EA Play, Respawn teased "a couple of big things" coming into King's Canyon in season two, We saw a glimpse of legends flying past some kind of huge monster. Season Two will launch on 2nd July with a new, and improved, battle pass and a ranked mode.

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