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Renegade Ops PC release date announced

Gordon Freeman Half-Life buggy included.

The PC version of Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios' top down shooter Renegade Ops launches on 14th October, publisher Sega has announced.

It costs £9.99 from Steam.

Grab the game from Steam and you'll get an additional bonus: the Half-Life buggy.

You can drive the Half-Life buggy, with Gordon Freeman inside, firing rockets and a mounted machine gun. You can even fire Antlions. A trailer showing the buggy in action is below.

The PC version failed to release alongside the PlayStation Network and Xbox 360 versions two weeks ago. Its absence went unexplained.

The twin-stick "vehicle shooter" Renegade Ops is built using the Just Cause 2 game engine Avalanche Engine 2.0, but shifts the camera to an arcade style top-down perspective.

It features single-player, two-player local multiplayer with split-screen, and online multiplayer for up to four-players. Avalanche calls the experience "competitive co-op" - you play together but you still compete with each other for the highest score.

Eurogamer's Renegade Ops review shot down an 8/10.

"In an age where self-consciously clever design can become an end in itself, there's something reassuring about a game that opts to be so deliciously old-fashioned, yet offers a deceptive amount of depth via well balanced upgrades and a robust scoring system," wrote Dan Whitehead.

"A bit more variety in terms of vehicles and environments would have made Renegade Ops even stronger as a co-op experience, but itchy trigger fingers will be well served by this unabashed celebration of classic action beats."