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Remember Me developer files for bankruptcy - reports

UPDATE: Dontnod off - developer says it's just "resizing".

UPDATE 3.10PM: Speaking to Eurogamer sister site GamesIndustry International, Dontnod has denied that its "judicial reorganisation" meant that the studio had entered bankruptcy - it was instead simply resizing the company.

"Dontnod is not in bankruptcy," studio boss Oskar Guilbert explained. "I cannot say that we have no financial difficulties, we have some, but I think that now they are behind us, not in front of us. We started new projects and those new projects need some investment and we decided to resize the company in order to match these new needs. That's why we needed judicial reorganisation.

"We are also in close negotiations with one big partner; I cannot of course announce the name and say that but we are in very close negotiations for our next project with one of the top publishers."

Gilbert noted that Remember Me was Europe's second-most downloaded PlayStation Plus title for PS3 - although how much money Dontnod sees from Sony for each free download is unclear.

ORIGINAL STORY 2.25PM: The developer of Paris-based sci-fi adventure Remember Me has filed for bankruptcy, new reports suggests.

Dontnod Entertainment has sought "redressement judiciaire", the French equivalent to bankruptcy, according to a number of media outlets across the Channel (thanks, Polygon).

Remember Me was released last year to mixed reviews for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A melee-based fighter and platformer, it had an intelligent story and a strong design but repetitive gameplay and combat.

The game was also notable for its struggle to find a publisher - something which Dontnod blamed on fact that it had a female protagonist.

"[It's] a game that a small number of people will rightly love and cherish, but overall it's an uneven experience," Tom Bramwell wrote in Eurogamer's Remember Me review. "It knows what it wants to be, but has resigned itself to existing in a world where it can't quite get away with it."

Remember Me was Dontnod's only release.