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Watch us play Remember Me from 5pm BST

Don't forget.

Capcom and French developer Dontnod's Remember Me seems set for a strange fate. Sure to be forgotten in the rush to pore over the new consoles as they flash their wares once more at E3 next week, what at first glance seems like an average action yarn has all the traits to ensure it's the kind of thing we'll all recall fondly in years to come. A future cult classic, in other words, being sent off to that strange heaven where the likes of PN03 and Binary Domain reside.

Tom enjoyed the remarkable world Dontnod has built, even if he found certain elements of the game less than satisfying. Ian Higton is going to run you through the first steps in Remember Me's futuristic vision of Paris from 5pm BST, playing through the first hour or so of the game. Oh, and of course there'll be story spoilers, so be warned.

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Remember Me

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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