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Relic remasters classic Company of Heroes map Langres for CoH 2

Now called Langreskaya, comes with an Eastern Front twist.

Relic has added classic Company of Heroes map Langres to Company of Heroes 2.

Langres, created for CoH 1 as part of a map design competition, was one of the most popular maps for the real-time strategy game. Sega said today it's enjoyed over 3.2 million matched and 1.2 million hours of play time.

Now, Relic has remastered the map in both traditional summer and new winter variations for Company of Heroes 2, which is set in the Eastern Front during the Second World War. Langreskaya, as it's now known, has been patched into the game for free, and includes new houses and hay barrels. It's available in 1v1 and 2v2 in custom games and on 1v1 in automatch.

The map's release comes with a huge update for the game. The patch notes are over at the Company of Heroes 2 website.