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Relentless' Quiz Climber free on iPhone

Are you brainier than your friends?

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Long-time Buzz! maker Relentless Software has released its first iPhone game Quiz Climber.

Quiz Climber is free to download with adverts or £1.49 with no adverts.

Quiz Climber plays to Relentless' well-oiled and proven social quiz game strengths. A cute exterior belies increasingly taxing questions that, if answered correctly, will propel your rank above your friends'. Are you brainier than them? Are you brainier than the whole world?

Give it a try and find out.

Relentless Software no longer makes Buzz! games for Sony. The change in direction meant streamlining operations to focus on new, fitting pastures such as iOS devices and now Kinect, with Music in Motion, a Kinect Fun Labs game unveiled at E3.

I will out brain you.

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