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Red Faction TV movie could become series

Two-hour film to serve as backdoor pilot.

American TV channel Syfy has signed a deal with THQ to produce a two-hour TV movie based on Red Faction, which will also serve as a "backdoor pilot".

A backdoor pilot (don't be childish) is a pilot programme suitable for broadcast whether it gets picked up for a series or not. In other words, Red Faction could end up becoming a TV series.

Not content with all that, the next version of Red Faction - due out before April 2011 - will be produced in conjunction with Syfy.

That's all according to a report on Broadcasting & Cable (thanks Joystiq), where Syfy's Alan Seiffert confirmed the news and described Red Faction as a "great fit" for the channel.

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THQ has previously signed a deal with Syfy to produce TV content based on the rather lovely de Blob series.