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Red Faction: Battlegrounds release date

XBLA and PSN game "a quick little snack".

Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network game Red Faction: Battlegrounds will launch during the first week of April, THQ has confirmed to Eurogamer.

That means the top-down twin-stick Destruction Derby style Red Faction spin-off will likely launch on 5th April on XBLA and 6th April on PSN for European gamers.

Battlegrounds, revealed in August last year, offers four-player vehicular co-op with a focus on quick-fire destruction.

Vehicles include the slow but powerful tank and fast all-terrain cars. They're constructed using the models from Red Faction: Guerrilla and Red Faction: Armageddon, due out early June in the UK.

"If Armageddon is a big meal, Battlegrounds is a quick, little snack," Volition studio manager Eric Barker told Eurogamer during a preview event in London today. "It's fun. You're just going to blow each other up and go crazy. It's a blast."

While Armageddon is the work of Volition, Battlegrounds is created by UK developer THQ Digital Warrington.

It's one part of THQ's transmedia Red Faction explosion, which includes Armageddon, Battlegrounds and direct-to-TV SyFy movie Origins.

"It's a great little bite-sized thing to keep people engaged in the universe and still have a lot of fun," Armageddon designer Drew Holmes added. "It's about leading up and building awareness, to say, hey guys, we're coming out with this awesome game and here's something cool to tide you over until now."