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Red Dead Online players are disappointed with latest meagre update

Lack of content compared to GTA Online.

The latest update to Red Dead Online has not gone down well with players.

Rockstar shared an update for the new year, which includes experience bonuses and a handful of other extras for the next month, specifically for the A Land of Opportunities, Call to Arms, and Gang Hideouts events.

But players are disappointed in the lack of other additions for the online multiplayer game, especially compared to its bigger brother Grand Theft Auto Online that's now been out since 2013.

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Where that game receives regular updates and content expansion, most recently featuring rapper Dr. Dre, updates for Rockstar's cowboy simulator seem pitiful.

The hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline has since been trending, with fans eager to push Rockstar for more content.

"Two years of this nonsense from Rockstar now. They simply don't care anymore, the care and love for Red Dead 2 is long gone. It's all down to GTA5 now, what a disappointing turnout," wrote one fan.

"Three years of neglecting Red Dead Online for an eight-year-old, outdated, clusterfuck of a game known as GTA Online. Red Dead Online has been left to rot by Rockstar's incompetence and inability to listen to their community," wrote another.

The game's Reddit page is also full of posts requesting more content from Rockstar and accusing them of greed for rehashing content.

Alongside disappointment in the recent GTA Remastered Trilogy, the ongoing lack of content in Red Dead Online adds to a distinct lack of fan support for Rockstar at the moment.