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Realtime Worlds donates to APB site

Fans get USD 1000 for new server.

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Realtime Worlds has donated USD 1000 to an All Points Bulletin fansite to help keep it up and running, reports.

The site, APB-Evolved, is trying to raise cash to buy a dedicated server so it can handle increased traffic.

It's not the first time Realtime Worlds has shown the APB community some love; earlier this month it guaranteed that all registered members of the site's forum will gain access to the beta test of the game.

"Realtime Worlds feels you should all be able to focus your efforts on continuing to build and run this awesome site which we hope will 'evolve' alongside the game, as such we would like to donate the USD 1000 required to secure the hosting of this site for the next 12 months and beyond," wrote Chris Dye, community relations manager for Realtime Worlds, on

"You have also offered a great place for new fans of the game to come and not only share their ideas and learn more about the game from yourselves, but have provided them with a friendly supportive group in which to do this."

Realtime Worlds boss Dave Jones has said that community and the player are central to the mechanics of All Points Bulletin, with the developer keen to step away from the 'grind' associated with MMO games, and use the "player as content".

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