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Queen Victoria returns as England's leader in Civilization 6

Dress to Empress.

No longer shall Civ players have their games interrupted by a pithy Queen Elizabeth, demanding to know if they'd be interested in a new trade agreement with England.

In Civilization 6, the English nation will instead be ruled by a young Queen Victoria, as shown in this latest video from Firaxis.

The one of the left is a screenshot from the game Civilization 6, the other is a painting.

The game's art style has proven divisive so far and Victoria's character model is unlikely to change that, with a similarly cartoonlike style.

I asked lead designer Ed Beach about this feedback at this year's E3:

"We're definitely concerned the most with readability," said Beach. "That's the big reason we've gone for a more stylised look. There's like 30 or 40 different things that can be on a tile right now and being able to quickly identify what they are is important."

Aside from the new leader, Firaxis has also revealed England's unique units and building types including the British Museum, Sea Dogs, and the Redcoats.

Interestingly, Civilization 6 seems eager to avoid having players feel their civilization is best suited for just a single victory type. Although England is, once again, well positioned for an aggressive military campaign, this latest video is quick to point out that cultural victories are also worth considering, thanks to that unique British Museum.

This seems a very welcome change and will hopefully see players feeling more comfortable adapting to what happens in a game, rather than immediately specialising in whatever playstyle their civilisation is meant to pursue.

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