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Quantic Dream's Infraworld trademarked

Evidence of David Cage's next mounts.

Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream may be working on a game called Infraworld after all.

Internet sleuth Superannuation dug up a freshly filed US trademark by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe protecting the name. It was filed on 17th May this year.

In 2006, Quantic Dream COO Guillaume de Fondaumiere told the world that Infraworld had been "cancelled". "The concept did not appeal to publishers," he explained.

Has it been resurrected? Does the concept now appeal?

Infraworld has also appeared as an Easter Egg in Quantic Dream's PS3 game Heavy Rain. The game name can be clearly read on a poster on the side of a shop. There's a video of this below.

In March this year, a trademark and domain registration arose suggesting Fiv5 may be Quantic Dream's next game.

But both Infraworld and Fiv5 could be red herrings. Quantic Dream auteur David Cage admitted last year to concocting a fake project called Horizon to "avoid leaks from actors".

David Cage has previously revealed Quantic Dream to be working on two games.

The Infraworld Easter Egg in Heavy Rain.