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Quantic Dream reportedly developing project based on Dark Sorcerer tech demo

As well as Star Wars: Eclipse.

Heavy Rain and Detroit developer Quantic Dream is reportedly working on a new project based upon The Dark Sorcerer, its 2013 PlayStation 4 tech demo.

The demo featured a grey-haired sorcerer and a goblin sidekick attempting to cast a spell - until things went wrong, and it was revealed the whole thing was based on a video game motion capture stage.

Back in 2013, it served as a showcase for what PS4 could run in real-time. Now, it will apparently serve as the basis for a multi-platform comedic adventure written by Quantic Dream's controversial boss David Cage.

2013's Dark Sorcerer tech demo.Watch on YouTube

Word of the project first popped online last week from Twitter user AccountNGT - who previously leaked word of Quantic Dream's upcoming Star Wars Eclipse project before its official announcement. Reliable leaker Tom Henderson has since corroborated the project's existence.

Over the weekend, AccountNGT posted further details, including its links to the previous Dark Sorcerer demo, and the fact it is designed to feature a non-linear storyline.

The project is reportedly one of three in development at Quantic Dream, alongside Star Wars Eclipse and an unannounced card game project for mobiles. It should reportedly release before Star Wars Eclipse - which is apparently still several years away.

According to AccountNGT, Quantic Dream is currently "in difficulty to hire people for this game" - a claim also previously stated by Henderson for Star Wars Eclipse.

Quantic Dream most recently hit the headlines as the studio's bid to sue several French publications was finally concluded, with all judgements ruling in favour of the journalists. Quantic Dream bosses David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière also took separate legal action, and won in one instance.

These legal cases followed detailed investigative reporting into unhealthy workplace conditions at the Paris-based studio. Quantic Dream had previously dubbed these reports a "smear campaign".

Quantic Dream is still best known for its 2010 narrative adventure Heavy Rain, released as a PS3 exclusive. Once a close PlayStation ally, it was announced in 2019 that the studio would no longer develop games exclusively for Sony platforms.