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Q shows PS3 MMORPG

Angel Love Online. Grin.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Q Entertainment has said its mysterious PS3 project will be a port of PC title Angel Love Online.

The news came from Japan, translated by IGN, where the publisher said we'd be able to play the cartoon-inspired MMORPG this December. Unfortunately Sony Europe was unable to elaborate on that, though, so you should pencil it in as a Japanese date for now.

Angel Love Online is based in the Garden of Eden, where you'll play as a protector of the feathery angels. There are four different realms for you to rid of evil and claim as your own, as you complete quests, hoard equipment and meet new friends as you go.

Like the PC version it will be free to play, and will fashion an income from you lot buying new bits and pieces using your hard-earned real-life money.

There's much more information over on the official website, as well as the option to download the demo to give it a quick spin.

We'll keep you updated if and when a date gets the nod.

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