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Puzzle Quest on XBLA tomorrow

Petition for national holiday.

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Microsoft has confirmed that Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords will be available on Live Arcade tomorrow for a mighty 1200 points (GBP 10.20 / EUR 13.96).

It's that game Tom kept going on about where you have to battle fantasy nasties using a puzzle screen not unlike the one in Bejeweled.

The idea is to line up skulls in rows or columns of three or more to damage your enemies, or replenish your mana for fancy spells by completing lines of gems.

When you're not battling you plod around a map unravelling a harmless story told by cut-scenes, as well as bolstering your forces with more fighters and generally powering yourself up.

It was a bit of a surprise hit on the DS and PSP earlier this year, although we think this had lots to do with Tom harbouring a rather unnatural attraction to the undead lady in it.

Even so, it has prompted publisher D3 to bring about this Live iteration, as well as PC, PS2, Wii versions - it's even rumoured to be in development for PS3 and Mac.

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