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Psychedelic survival horror Saturnalia heading to Steam with first-person mode

Alongside new photo mode and more.

Saturnalia, the acclaimed - and previously Epic Games Store exclusive - survival horror from MirrorMoon EP developer Santa Ragione, is making its way to Steam with a first-person mode and other new features later this year.

Saturnalia originally released last October, taking players on a journey through the ancient, ever-shifting town of the title in adventure heavily inspired by Sardinia folklore.

The gist is players - switching between four different characters at will - must explore, avoid the things in the shadows, and solve the mystery of Saturnalia in order to earn their freedom. Only, should all four characters die, the town will reassert itself, reconfiguring its labyrinthine layout for another attempt - albeit with narrative and puzzle progress retained.

Saturnalia is heading to Steam "soon".Watch on YouTube

Eurogamer contributor Simon Parkin slapped Saturnalia with a Recommended badge when he reviewed it last year, calling it a "horrible nightmare in all the right ways" - and developer Santa Ragione has now confirmed it'll be revisiting the experience when it makes the jump to Steam.

The big addition is the aforementioned first-person mode, but Santa Ragione is also introducing a photo mode, plus a monochrome film noir mode for those that would prefer a slightly more subdued visual style. It's also getting a range of camera customisation settings, and a "smoother animations" option to eliminate characters' stylistically jerky movements.

Santa Ragione hasn't shared a specific date for Saturnalia's arrival on Steam just yet, but it's said to be "coming soon".

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