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PSVR2 firework puzzle game Fantavision 202X heading to PC this month

Sparks joy.

Firework puzzle game Fantavision 202X is heading to PC later this month.

The game was released for PS5 and PSVR2 back in February, but will hit PC on 27th April (spotted by Gematsu).

Fantavision was originally a launch title for the PS2, created by Sony's now-defunct Japan Studio back in 2000.

Fantavision 202X trailerWatch on YouTube

Though Sony still holds the IP rights to Fantavision, this new version of the game was developed and published by Cosmo Machia on both PS5 and, now, PC.

The game tasks players with detonating coloured fireworks in "daisy chains" for massive combos and top scores - essentially it's a sparkly match-three game in the sky.

This new version of the game comes with full HD and 4K graphics and is compatible with VR, though it's playable in 2D too.

Further details, including system requirements, are on the game's Steam page.

The game was originally a PlayStation exclusive, so this marks yet another Sony game finding its way to PC.

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