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PSP GPS gets US date

Euros twiddle thumbs.

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Sony has said the US will be able to find itself this spring by using the snazzy Go! Explore GPS package for PSP. We are still waiting for clarification over European plans.

Its goal is to rival the horde of Sat Nav gadgets in shops, so it comes bundled with an attachable GPS receiver, UMD crammed with maps from an area of your choice, plus car mount and adapter.

Or you could use it when you go hiking with your friends at weekends when you accidentally walk around in circles and leave chocolate bars out for European bears to smell and hunt and maybe kill you in the face for.

Otherwise everything is as you would expect, with upgrades and new maps expected on PSN sometime in the future. GPS Receiver and UMD combo will set you back EUR 119; add car adaptor and mount to bump it up to EUR 149; or pop a PSP in to push it to EUR 299.

We did tell you about this last August, if you remember, when Sony unveiled its Go! PSP range at the Leipzig Games Convention 2007.

Alongside Explore will be a video on demand service set up in conjunction with BSkyB, as well as Go! Messenger with BT to let you use an on-screen keyboard to message friends or use your voice by plugging a headset in. Go and buy the PSP camera and you will be able to add video messages, too.

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