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GC: PSP Go! brand revealed

Sky on demand, GPS, PSP Lite release date, more.

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Sony sprinkled plenty of love on the PSP during its Games Convention 2007 conference, by introducing its new Go! Entertainment brand and announcing a 5th September release date for the Slim and Lite model.

Included in the brand will be three new non-gaming services: video downloads; voice chat, video chat and instant messaging; and a satellite navigation product that uses a new GPS accessory.

The Go! branded video download service is a joint venture with BSkyB due for release in early 2008. It will let those of you with a PSP grab a choice of programs from popular Sky channels like sports, entertainment, movies, music and animation - cartoons, silly.

Essentially it gives you access to the sort of stuff mugs like us already pay for, either to download straight to your PSP or to your desktop first - and will all be apparently very easy to use.

But if you'd rather spend your time chatting, then Go! Messenger will be your thing. It's a joint venture with BT due out in January, and will let you chit-chat with chums using an application being provided in a future firmware upgrade.

By using a wireless broadband connection and a new on-screen keyboard you'll be able to instantly message pals, or you can plug in a headset and talk to them using voice chat. Go out and buy the PSP camera and you'll be able to leave video and voice messages - amusing ones if you take your PSP out with you when you drink.

Alternatively if getting lost is your thing, then fear not - because Go! Explore will keep you found. Sony is effectively turning your PSP into a GPS-enabled device by introducing a new receiver and providing a UMD disk loaded with up-to date 3D maps from around Europe. UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Scandinavia are supported at the moment, with localised languages for each.

There's even a Car Adaptor and Car Mount accessory being bundled in. And Collaborators TeleAtlas and NavNGo will be helping Sony provide updated language support and more maps over time via the PlayStation Network.

Us Europeans will also be treated to two new limited edition PSP bundles: a black and red Spider-Man one with the Spider-Man 3 game and UMD film; and a yellow Simpsons model, with The Simpsons Game. Both will retail for EUR 199.99.

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