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PSN "fully restored" by end of week

Includes PlayStation Store, everything.

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The PlayStation Network will be full restored in the Americas, Europe, PAL regions and Asia by the end of this week, Sony has announced.

Returning are:

  • Full functionality on PlayStation Store
  • In-game commerce
  • Ability to redeem vouchers and codes
  • Full functionality on Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity for PS3, PSP, VAIO and other PCs
  • Full functionality on Media Go

The "end of week" deadline excludes Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. Whether the end of the week means Sunday or Friday, Sony hasn't said.

"We have been conducting additional testing and further security verification of our commerce functions in order to bring the PlayStation Network completely back online so that our fans can again enjoy the first class entertainment experience they have come to love," commented Kaz Hirai, executive deputy president of the entire Sony empire - and boss of Sony Computer Entertainment.

"We appreciate the patience and support shown during this time."

Sony will offer all PlayStation Network and Qriocity members Welcome Back gifts. This entails a choice of two free PS3 games, as well as a free month of PlayStation Plus for non-Plus members and two months' free for existing Plus subs.

A spokesperson for Sony Japan aired an "end of May" target for a full PSN restoration at the start of the month.

PlayStation Network went down on 20th April.

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