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PS3 reaches 30 million sales in Europe and PAL places

Bravo! Bien hecho! Gut gemacht! Ben Fatto!

Sony has sold 30 million PlayStation 3s across Europe and PAL territories, the company announced today. The milestone was hit on 17th December.

That's sold, not shipped.

Sony announced 5 million UK PS3 sales on 11th October and sent us a cake.

Global PS3 sales in the high 60 millions. It's become hard to track them specifically now Sony combines PS3 and PS2 sales. The last actual figure was 63.9 million PS3 sales at the end of March. At the end of September, a further 6.3 million combined PS2 and PS3 sales were added.

Microsoft has sold 70 million Xbox 360s.

Sony launched an even smaller and maybe more stylish PS3 in September this year, which no doubt lifted sales.

It should have been this!