Wonderbook: Book of Spells

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Wonderbook: Book of Spells review

What is Wonderbook? It's a serious question and, even after finishing the thing, I'm not sure I know the answer. Sadly, this isn't the exciting uncertainty you feel when you encounter something thrillingly, challengingly new. It's the confusion you feel when you encounter something that's sort of interesting but also muddled and of indistinct purpose.

An augmented reality experience developed by Sony's London Studio and clearly an evolution of the EyePet technology, Wonderbook centres around a large, sturdy, blue hardback book. The 12 pages are thick and decorated with geometric patterns. Point your PlayStation Eye camera downwards, lay the book on the floor and Wonderbook comes to life on the screen, with the flat blue shapes replaced by a digitally generated book out of which all manner of wonders can emerge.

A PlayStation Move wand is the other bit of kit you'll need, as this is what allows you to interact with the book. It also offers a handy connection to the subject of this first in the Wonderbook series, Book of Spells, as Sony has cracked open the chequebook and splashed out on no lesser brand than Harry Potter. Produced with the approval and input of JK Rowling herself, the fantasy being sold here is that you've got an actual spell book, an obscure tome written by one Miranda Goshawk. Guided by read-along narration from a Hogwarts professor, you work through the book, learning and practising spells.

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