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PS3 price points for UK and Ireland revealed

In at GBP 425, EUR 630.

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It seems that gamers in the UK and Ireland hoping to pick up a PlayStation 3 will have to cough up more cash than their Continental chums, just for a change.

Sony has confirmed to our sister site that the 60GB PS3 will cost EUR 629.99 in Ireland, as suggested on the official website.

"Ireland is traditionally more expensive than other territories," a spokesperson explained.

"The VAT rate there is 21 per cent, whereas it can be as low as 16 per cent in other EU countries."

However, the spokesperson continued, the PS3 will still cost EUR 599 if you're buying it elsewhere in Europe.

Of course, here in Britain we're still using the funny old money with the picture of the rich lady on it, so we'll get a price point all of our own. And according to our old friend Senior Retail Sources, that price point will be set at GBP 425.

Which doesn't come as a huge surprise - after all, Sony UK boss Ray Maguire mentioned the GBP 425 figure to us back in May of last year.

The UK price is equivalent to just under EUR 647, so expect lots of rip-off Britain themed complaining as Sony continues to x-ray all anonymous incoming post for dog eggs.

But is it their fault? According to one source the higher price has been driven by British retailers, who traditionally seek bigger profit margins than shopkeepers on the Continent.

Senior Retail Sources also reckon that you won't be able to buy the 20GB version in Britain, as Sony has confirmed will be the case in Ireland - at least for a while after launch.

SCEE is expected to officially announce a price point and launch date next week.

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